Tuesday, November 11, 2008

out of touch

I know I'm new to this whole blog eat blog world, but I've been wondering what all the references to NaBloPoMo where!? I mean, WTF, who the heck would know what that was?! Anyway, I figured it out. It's National Blog Posting Month. For the entire month of November, this group encourages bloggers to post every single day, to get in the habbit of doing so. I wish I knew about this earlier because I have been posting an average of 2.42 entries per day, and I'd totally be kicking ass right now! My average posts/day is a little higher than I'd expected. Ok, so I tend to throw myself head-first into new things. I get mildly obsessed. Ok, I get pretty obsessed. Fine! I have mild OCD! So what!? I'm into my new blog. It's healthy to be getting shit down and out, right? To be sharing your thoughts and "situations" with the world?! Oh, it's not? Well, um, whatev. This is why I used to hate blogs.

Well, here's to the last 20 days of NaBloPoMo!!!!


  1. Dude, this is my THERAPY. It's cheap, free even. Go with it.

    I didn't know what NoBloPoMo was either, and my blog is new and I didn't think I could post every day for a month, so it's my personal challenge. That, and remembering to wipe my ass.

  2. uh what? I just learned what NoBloPoMo was... like in the last two seconds from reading your blog. ha! ;)

    check my blog. I gave you an award.