Monday, November 24, 2008

my oober-sensitive olfactorium AND SO WHAT IF I SPELL IT O-O-B-E-R??!!

Mr. T and I continually have the same argument over and over. We'll be in a public place, the subway, a street corner, a winebar, and I'll start scrunching my nose up. Here's what happens:

Sassy: (in barely a whisper) Something smells.

Mr. T: (angry whisper) No it doesn't. Why do you always do this?

Sassy: Seriously, something smells awful. You don't smell it?

Mr. T: No, and be quiet. People can hear you.

Sassy: So what? If it smells, it smells. Why should I be sensitive to someone who is vulgar enough to offend me with their foulness?

Mr. T: [sigh]

Sassy: Seriously, I will vomit if we don't get away soon.

Mr. T: You always do this. I think something is wrong with your nose.

Sassy: Yeah, I have an oober-senstive olfactory sense!

This always happens. I smell something foul. He doesn't. He gets mad at me for apparently offending the culprit by vocalizing said stench. It's a never-ending battle between us. It happens at least once a week. I am convinced that if I had a superpower, it would be my superior oober-sensitive olfactory sense. I also have 20/15 vision. I just wanted to brag about that. (And I haven't had Lasik surgery).

"Bros before hoes, dude. Bros before hoes." - Mr. T


  1. See, I do the same thing, but about people's outfits!

  2. Ha! Me too! Everyone that I watched election coverage with was so annoyed with me because all I could do was talk about how bad all of the pundits looked on a giant 60" HD tv.

  3. LOL that's great. I do that all the time too, except because I have such a poor sense of smell I get really excited when I DO smell something. Unless it is the Indian woman at the gym who always reeks.

  4. haha awesome. I think I always smell pee everywhere I go. maybe it's me?? hmmm... haha!

  5. Mr. T? of the A-Team? Good for you.

    Seriously, welcome to BlogCatalog's blogspot group.

  6. I love the afterthought of the 20/15 vision. I've got it too but that was after PRK surgery (the painful version of LASIK).

  7. I watched my BFF's Lasik surgery. It was so gross! They used this big metal device to hold her eye open and then cut around the pupil with a razor, and the flipped it open! ARGH! I might puke just thinking about it again.