Thursday, November 13, 2008

lizard transformations, baristas, and a B&B

So I rarely have vivid dreams, but early this morning I had a heck of a strange one that woke me up all in a panic.

Somehow I found myself working in an open-air starbucks-like coffee shop. It seemed to be in the middle of a parking lot. But it wasn't an actual starbucks. I didn't know how to make anything and I had a customer's order to make. The other baristas wouldn't help me. And it wasn't because they were too busy. They were just ignoring me. They were mean. I was struggling to make some sort of coffee-chai type drink and I had mixed the coffee with the chai but didn't know how to heat it up with the steamer. I finally figured it out when I realized that Tonks was in the refridgerator! Someone had accidentally closed her inside. When I opened the fridge door she meowed and she was shivering. I immediately picked her up and started trying to warm her. She was slow and cold. I left the coffee place, saying I was taking a break, and started walking back to what was supposed to be where I lived, but it was more like some sort of B&B. It looked like a page out of Pottery Barn. So I'm walking with Tonks, trying to frantically warm her up. Eventually she starts purring a little and I know she'll probably be okay. I get to the apartment/house? and an ex-boyfriend that I went to the prom with is inside on the Pottery Barn couch. I don't feel surprised to see him, but he looks like something's wrong. I put Tonks down and go to the couch. He tells me he has a giant tumor on his side, and it's clearly protruding a bit under his shirt. For some reason, I'm not indifferent about this, but I'm not wildly upset either. But I want to help him, and I don't know how. I decide that in order to help him I need to go to see my future in-laws, who happen to be in a room nearby (in this B&B). I go and see them. I'm a little fuzzy on what I did there, but eventually I wonder where Tonks is. I go to pick her up before departing from their place and realize that it isn't Tonks, it's another black cat, same size and age, but it's not her. I start freaking out because as I look around me there are dozens of small, black kittens, all of them slightly different but I can tell that none of them are her. They are everywhere, crawling around. My future in-laws tell me to just take one, that it doesn't matter if it's her or not. I am not only appalled that they've suggested this, but don't want to do that. I start to think that Tonks has somehow fled the building so I leave the B&B to go find her, with my future in-laws in tow and ex-boyfriend clutching his side. I realize at this point that I've lost my barista job because I never came back after what was supposed to be a short break. But I don't care. We start traveling down a wide dirt path that looks like it should be in the middle of Africa or something. There are trees and tall grass on both sides. About 15 feet in front of us a crocodile growls and rapidly starts approaching us. I don't know what my future father-in-law or ex-boyfriend do but I turn around and start running like hell, with my future mother-in-law at my side. We see a tree. It's not very tall and it's kind of stubby, but we start to climb it. Suddenly, she transforms into a lizard of some type and starts defending me against the crocodile while we're both at the top of this stubby tree that is actually more like a tall stump. We're both trashing and trying to not get bitten.

Then I woke up, saw my little Tonks safe and sound and gave her big hugs while she tried her hardest to free herself from my grip and chase after Hermione, completely unaware that I'd been fired from a job I sucked at, walked miles and miles, dragged my tumor-laden ex-boyfriend around with me, and been chased up a tree by a crocodile to save her.

I must say that the alarm was set for 6:30 so I could get up and run, and the dream occurred between 6:30 and 8:00 when I guiltlessly went back to sleep, so somehow I think I'm being punished for my slothness.

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  1. I'm so jealous. I don't ever remember my dreams. :( thank goodness it was only a dream or that would have been one fucked up day! ;)