Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's a pantie poll!

Scenario: You plan to go to the gym for a vigorous run during your lunch break at work. You get to the gym and start changing into your standard gym attire when you realize that you didn't bring an extra pair of underwear. Do you:

a) Bareback it, and work out with no underwear on so as not to skank up the pair you need to wear back to office.

b) Take the plunge, wear the underwear during your work out, and then go back to work with foul FOUL! panties on.

c) Sport the undies during the work out, but ditch them when you head back to the office---it might be kinda sexy (or nasty?!) knowing that you have a dirty little secret.

d) Skip the work out, return to work and plan to bring an extra pair tomorrow.

Extra credit:
What did I do?


  1. You totally worked out sans panties :)

  2. I'll keep it gangsta with you with you guuurl!
    I am all about option C!!! Ditch those drawls and return to the office in your au natural state!
    Why the hell not, crazier things go down behind corporate walls.
    HEY... it might inspire you in a way you never have been inspired before..
    I bet Sassy Two Socks risked it all and went commando!
    Do I get the gold star???

  3. OMG!
    This is going to sounds repetitive but I "thrid" that notion - C it is!!!
    I love going sans panties! Yeah... I'll say it, WHAT?????
    And I bet..I just have a HUNCH that you did too!
    Spill the goods, girl! Don't leave us all on a cliffhanger :) :)

  4. I totally would have worked out without underpants. But with your description, I think you went back to work without underpants. How devilish!

  5. How interesting that you all think my description favored c)....

    It's been years and year, but you still know me oh so well, Court! a) is the answer! I barebacked it the gym! Thanks for playing!

  6. haha! awesome. I think panties are over-rated. ;)

    nah I would take those suckers off and go commando back to work.

  7. Going commando is quite liberating actually!