Thursday, November 20, 2008

dirty dirty old man

What is it with the people in my office buildling? First, there was the lady who washed her hands before she peed. Now, there is a creepy old man who nearly sent me into a tizzy!

I was headed to the restroom and I almost ran full-on into this very rotund (and hairy) man who's belt was unbuckled, pants were not zipped and he was tucking his shirt into his pants!!! I mean, W.T.F.!!!! Who does that? This is a class A professional building, this is not his home!



  1. oooh i see a lot of women unbuttoning their pants on the way to the bathroom. it's like they can't wait to get into the stall or they'll piss their pants!

  2. OK, you finish your business in the bathroom! Gross gross gross.