Saturday, November 22, 2008

damn you google and your ninjas!

I try to hate Google, I really do. But every once in a while they do something that makes me love them more (or hate them less). One thing that I do love, is gmail.

Today gmail launched their "themes", soI started scanning the themes and then I saw it. The one theme that took my breath away. The one theme to rule them all! NINJAS!!! And it even includes Chinese stars, samurai swords and numchucks (does anyone know how to spell numchucks?).

Here is my new rockin' ninja-mail -->

And these little suckers change and move around. Sometimes there is a badass chick ninja at the bottom, and sometimes she goes away. Probably to re-do her makeup.

This reminds me of my absolute favorite episode of Southpark, where Cartman and the gang think they are ninjas and he ends up throwing a chinese star into Butter's eye. Here is a clip for your Saturday viewing enjoyment:

"Do I wanna go to Merkato 55's Day & Night brunch? I dunno. I sounds like a decadent shit-show." - Future-bro-in-law


  1. This is really good if you are a bit down and you watch this one your mood changes. Keep it up good work

  2. I am SOOOOOOO loving the new gmail themes!!!! Which reminds me - the gmail video chat is pretty great too. Me you and sis should have a video chat ASAP and of course a get together session. Haven't forgotten:)

    Your blog is lookin' sweeeeeeet!