Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chicks in a blanket and blind men; one is tasty, the other is funny, you decide

In the spirit of Thxgiving, I thought I'd share a little love with you all, my dear dear readers (all 10 of you). First, I want to share a few recipes with you. This year, I was put in charge of a few appetizers and the cranberry sauce, which is really somewhat of a slap in the face considering I am an incredible! cook, but hey, I will not decline any attempt at making my day easier. Here is what I'm making. (I'm not including pics because otherwise you'll end up drooling all over your keyboard).

Cranberry Sauce with Port and Cinnamon, this is my first time making this, but it has like 6 ingredients so it'll be easy-peasy (Mr. T has been over-using that term lately, so it's stuck in my head even though I despise it with a seething passion ). Plus, any time you can add booze to a recipe, you know it'll be good.

Herbed Cream Cheese Cucumber Rounds, my favorite healthy hors d'oeuvres, and if you're completely anal like me you can top each round with exactly 3 granules of sea salt just before serving (don't add them too far ahead of time because the salt makes the cucumber "sweat"). I use lowfat cream cheese to make it even healthier. And no matter what you think about the dash of cayenne, it is absolutely essential! so don't forget it.

Chicks in a Blanket, incredibly tasty, even though it sounds a little tacky. I mean, couldn't they have come up with a better, more gourmet name---like Chicken and Apple Sausage Pastries? But seriously, how awesome does smoked chicken/apple sausage with dijon mustard wrapped in puff pastry sound to you? If I could fill up the bathrub and lay in these, I would.

Second, I'd like to share turkey cartoons that feature blind men with you, because for some reason, they make me chuckle every time. Those goshdarn turkeys just really know how to pull one over on the blind man. Crafty little buggers.



  1. oh m GOd that was GREAT!! I love the damn cartoons!!


  2. I was already drooling on my keyboard. It's a problem, I know it.

    Also, Port tastes like blood, or the left side of a boat.

    Merry Turkey Day!

  3. Thanks, dude. However, I find it very interesting indeed that you have tasted blood and the left side of a boat. I'd like to hear those stories someday.

  4. Feel free to stop by and cook for me! Yummy. I have checked out cb2, however they are assholes and wont let you save their pictures, which means no blogging by me. It's my silent protest. :) I'm so hardcore. Happy Turkey Day!!

  5. Food! Oh dear me, I'm hungry now. Uh, share?

  6. Dear Sassy,
    I too am outraged that you were relegated to the making of the cranberry sauce and a few appetizers! You are an Amazing Cook! A Gourmet Chef! But then the question is: Who is making the stuffing? The thought of you having to endure a Thanksgiving without THE STUFFING is unacceptable to me!!! It simply will not be Thanksgiving; I'm sorry but it is the truth. Our family stuffing recipe ; a carefully guarded secret passed down from generation to generation to those only who are worthy.Brilliant in its simplicity; it outshines all others. The anticipation builds throughout the month of November until the day finally arrives that we will once again savor that first delectable mouthful of The Stuffing! The only food that really counts on Thanksgiving as far as its devotees are concerned. Well pumpkin pie also gets a nod from me.So once again I ask; who is making the Stuffing?!?! My heart goes out to you; I will simply have to raise my fork and devour a second portion in your honor. Next year you and Mr.T will have to come to the Left coast to have a REAL THANKSGIVING!!!!
    Love you,